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In the baby lies the man, in the child my God has come
The one who made the heavens, the one who’s called ‘I Am’
Lies not in great estate, just a babe upon the hay
The angels sang his story, the shepherds came to stay
The God of angel armies, the king of heavens high
The one who made and called me, now in a manger lies

I don’t understand this greatness, cannot fathom this vast love
I cannot see how God could come and be like one of us
But this is what he chose to do, this was his only plan
To give himself completely, as a human fragile man
The God who made all things, all things would now bestow
As he lay in helpless babyhood in a manger far below

I do not get his reasoning or comprehend his plans
Or why he’d make his home with woman and with man
The God who loves, whose bigness, fills everything that lives
The God who’s joined me to his life, who loves and who forgives
This is the God who came that night, this is the God who lay
A helpless crying baby, in a manger full of hay

The one whom I have come to know, the God who’s not contained
The God beyond my reasoning, who my life maintains
To say I’m thankful for this gift are words too few, too small
But words, my life, are what I have, so to him I give it all
God, I love you with my heart, I love you with my mind
I love you with my body’s strength, my all in you I find