Although at times it seems that those who manipulate and scheme appear to get ahead, and they may in the short term, in reflecting on my own life as one who just plays it straight, I realize that “playing it straight”, honesty and integrity are the best ways to go and achieve great results:

I may not have the most financial security in the world but I am debt-free with some savings.

I may not own a house or a car but I have a home to go and a car to get around in.

I have 3 terrific sons, two lovely daughters-in-law and five grandchildren.

I have a great relationship with my mum, a relationship that has become closer and closer as she lives through the latter years of her life.

My sister and I are good friends and get on well with my brother.

I have friends to share good and bad times with. I have friends who know the deepest, and often darkest, parts of my heart.

I have finished a degree and am continuing to study.

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to live and work overseas, to be involved in challenging and satisfying work.

I’ve played it straight.

I’m rich beyond measure.


Couldn’t ask for more.