The Queen’s Baton Relay came to Nauru last Thursday.

Did you know that the Queen sent a baton around the Commonwealth prior to the next Commonwealth Games? I didn’t.

Did you know that the Queen’s Baton has a camera in it that records everywhere the Baton goes? I didn’t.

Did you know Nauru was part of the Commonwealth? There’s so much more to learn about this little island.

This is what it would have seen on Thursday:

Each district decorated the main road that runs around the island in its district’s colours. There was yellow, green and red. Some districts have two colours: light blue and white, dark blue and white, black and white.

Bunting was hung between palm trees or poles. Streamers were wound around palm trunks, stretched between light poles and left to hang in the breeze. Balloons festooned trees and hung in rows from streamers and wires. Coconuts painted in the appropriate colour for a district were placed around the base of palms or set in lines along the edge of the road or garden beds. Palm trees were painted from their base to as high as a person could reach or were striped with district colours. The bridge railings and safety rails were painted.

Edges of the road were cleared of debris and rubbish, and palms too close to the road were lopped. Palm fronds were used to decorate street posts. The bottom half of the palm branch was wrapped around the post and its fronds interlaced to keep it in place. The top half of the frond was allowed to fan out and then decorated with flowers. Some districts placed flowers in containers along the edge of the road.

Across the road, at the entrance to each district, was stretched a sign welcoming the Queen’s Baton to that particular district. In some districts small shelters with thatched roofs were specially made for people to stand or sit under to give them the best seat in the house as the baton went by.

No, the Queen’s Baton didn’t come up to the Offshore Processing Centre.

No. I didn’t get to see the Baton relay around the island.

But I think Nauru had a great day. Nauruans really are the party specialists!