The threshold to cross, the space in-between; the now but not yet.
Jesus said, “The kingdom of heaven is near.” Near, but not yet fully realized?
I’m in a liminal state. Have been for years.
Spent a year saying “I don’t know.”
Spent a year away from the word of God so I could discover life with God.
Liminality cannot be forever. We need some static time.
But liminality must come or we die.
Without liminality we never change.
Too much static state equals death; a long slow rut to the grave.
Liminality allows me space and time to change.
It’s not easy. There are often no answers.
Just more questions.
But out of questions come growth, and perhaps answers – though not as expected.
You can learn to live in a liminal state.
It is not just learning to cope with change; more about embracing the need to keep on crossing the threshold.
Keep on moving from one place of static understanding to another.
It’s not comfortable.
Often long-held presuppositions are challenged, discarded without new ones taking their place.
Uncomfortable but essential