What I loved about Ngaire was her unique take on life, her beauty – inside and out, her infectious spirit, her positive outlook and her unwavering faith in God.

She had the courage to face divorce from the one she’d given her life to, and also the love, grace, faith and courage to remarry him again.

There was a resilience to Ngaire that stood her in good stead when her lungs began to fail. She never stopped believing for a miracle- which is a miracle in itself.

When we were both much younger she was to me the beautiful person I didn’t see when I looked in the mirror. She was the one who first affirmed my teachable spirit. She was the one who told me that I spoke volumes even when I had no voice.

What a gift she was to me and proof of the impact one person can have on the life of another.

I am so glad I shared part of my life with Ngaire. I have been blessed by her and she will be missed.

Love you Ngaire,
Run, leap, laugh and breathe deeply.