There are ribbons that tie my heart to those I love.  These ribbons keep me anchored when I fly away, a long distance away. These ribbons remind me of the years of days and hours spent in relationship. Relationships that sprang up from birth: my mum, my siblings, my sons, their wives and children. Ties that came from unexpected meetings; friends who are fixed fast to my heart by the ribbon ties of deep and intimate friendship.

When I am away from those I love, these ribbon ties let me know that I cannot go so far away that I cannot return. These ribbon ties tether me, allow me to keep hold of precious friendships, treasured memories, things I cherish and do not wish to lose.

Multi-hued, each ribbon reflects the relationship from which it springs. Some are blood red – the ties of blood line and family. Some ties are yellow, the sunshine ties of light-hearted friendship. Some ties are a deep purple, reflecting the deep feelings that bind two people. Some ties are orange, bursting with life, alive and vibrant. Some ties are green, the solid and lasting ties of long-standing friendships that have grown and matured over time.

All these ribbon colours tie me, tie but do not bind, because like a ribbon these friendships and relationships depend on both people keeping hold of their end of the ribbon. Sometimes, when I am far away, I wonder whether someone I love will let loose their end, that the distance between us will make relationship too hard. But there is little I can do about that if it occurs except to keep hold of my end and let theirs fly free.

I am so thankful for all these ribbon ties that are mine to hold. They remind me of how many I love and how many love me. I am blessed by ribbon ties, multi-coloured ribbon ties. A rainbow of ribbons fluttering around the globe.