There was another option, another possibility,

Another picture for her life that she really couldn’t see.

A picture planned ahead of time by a Father’s loving hand,

A picture only He could see that she didn’t understand.

In the picture formed for her, a life stretched out in view

That took in all her talents, her loves and desires too.

But she couldn’t see this picture that was mature, complete and full

Because she had another dream with a strong and steady pull.

Her family and upbringing had shaped what she could see;

She thought she’d follow in the steps of her happy family.

She’d want what they had wanted, she’d do what they had done,

She’d marry, have a family, a son, a son, a son.

But there was another picture, another option for her life

That she only discovered when she was no more a wife.

It was only through the shattering of a cherished long-held dream

That life could take another shape, be more than it would seem.

Like Alice down the rabbit-hole and Neo with his pill

There was a new reality, a new dream to fulfill.

One shaped not by family culture nor by what others may have done,

A life shaped by her Father, a new  and different one.

So with the precipice before her, the shattered picture left behind

She leaps into the future and knows that she will find

That all that is awaiting her will fit her like a glove,

Will show her who she truly is; a gift from her Father, with love.