I read this quote/prayer the other day: “Shatter my heart so that a new room can be created for a limitless love.” How enormous is that!

 As I reflected on this line I unpacked it in this way:

  • Shatter my heart – shatter that which is the essence of who I am. Shatter what lies in the very deepest parts of my soul.
  • So that –there is a purpose in the shattering. It is not a random act. It is invited. It is not malicious. It is welcomed.
  • A new room – a new place of living; a new place to dwell, a new receptacle for more. There is no place for the reconstruction of the shattered heart for that is impossible as it is in pieces like the fragments of a glass bauble; impossible to reassemble.
  • Can be created – not built or constructed, but created. This is a creative act, a new shape altogether, a totally new never-before-thought-of space.
  • For a limitless love – a love unlike any that I have ever known. Only a new space is able to house the limitless love.

As I reflected further I realised that in the shattering there is a call to something bigger; a call to live by something bigger than I have known in the past; a call to live bigger than I ever have before, to live an expanded life.

There is fear involved with saying this out loud. Fear that what is shattered is something that I currently treasure or hold dear. Perhaps there is something that needs to be shattered that I have not recognised yet- and that is scary!

However things that need shattering are often unhealthy ways of living, unhealthy ways of looking at life, unhealthy perspectives. Or perhaps they are perspectives that are too small, perspectives that need expanding. Perhaps they are even perspectives or expectations that hold me captive.

So I say aloud: “Shatter my heart so that a new room can be created for a limitless love.”

Now to see what happens!