There is a long-held belief in Christian circles that “God is in control.” These are words that are held onto and even said aloud when life seems extraordinarily out of control. One writer expressed his thoughts on this in a poem Zimsum . As I read this poem the thoughts expressed there really resonated with my own as they put into words what I had been formulating for some time but had never articulated clearly.

So here are my thoughts:

Rather than saying and believing that “God is in control” I say and believe that “God is.”

God is in the midst of this world, in the midst of its joy and suffering, in the midst of its tragedy and delight.

No more do I need a picture of God controlling all things, a picture which brings with it the possibility that there just might be some things that slip through God’s fingers – all those awful things that happen in the world, to us personally, to those we love, to those we’ve never met but have thrust upon us each night in the news.

This world is full of both delight and danger. There’s a lot of trouble. There are people at odds with one another. There are more messes to fix than time, money and energy to fix them. One trouble is addressed and another raises it head. The mess in the world is too big for us to fix because as fast as we fix one thing, someone or something else comes along to mess it all up again.

If God has to be in control of all this so that I can make sense of the mess, then he is extremely busy!

But if God just is – loving, kind, present – then in the midst of all that occurs, both personally and across the world, I can rest easy knowing that God is there in the midst of it all. Crying with the broken-hearted, appalled at what people do to each other, laughing with delight at the antics of children and sudden joyous surprises, walking the journey of life.

No more do I need to see God as the “puller of strings”, the one who “makes things happen” for both good and bad. God is free and allows people to be free, for both better and worse. God is happy for us all to make choices and to live by the consequences of them.

So for me, God just is. In the midst of all that happens. Permeating all of my life.

God just is.

BTW Zimsum can be found at:—ZIMSUM.html?soid=1011297815065&aid=D-3b1sjeo0Q