Conversations spin around politics and power;
environmental rape,
ecological ravage.
The decimation of people and places,
lives bombed and blasted;
shattered into pieces.

Political correctness.
A salve of bureaucratic niceties
smeared over the festering wound of turmoil and unrest.
A suspicion of the “other”
feeding militant dissatisfaction,
suicide bombings,
incarceration of asylum seekers

What is needed is forgiveness;
forgiveness for others for being different,
forgiveness for ourselves for our hatred and suspicion;
recognition that within ourselves lies the “other”,
the different one,
the hater and the murderer,
the one who rapes and pillages the earth in the name of business and employment.

Conversations of politics and power –
just the conversations of our own lives.
It is so much easier to hear the strident shouting of others
and miss the voices that shout within our own hearts.