Mark Twain wrote: “In 20 years from now, you’ll be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Over the course of the last 5 or 6 years this has been my experience. I’ve been cut adrift. I put it like this in 2011:

Cut adrift from my moorings on a sea of uncertainty;
sailing into the darkness, no light for the way.                                     
Cut adrift from my moorings, from all I hold dear,                              
from all that has tethered and kept life at bay.                            
Cut adrift from my moorings into tempestuous nothingness;   
tossed by uncertainty, unexpected new day.                                   
Cut adrift from my moorings, let go into freedom;                              
sailing lightly, expectantly, “come out and play!”                                      
Cut adrift from my moorings on a sea of uncertainty;
sailing freely and lightly into wondrous new day.

Greg responded to my last blog with these thoughts: “I wonder whether we trust ourselves enough for the journey into our destiny. We seem addicted to finding fixed points of reference all the time.”

I agree.

I need to remind myself that I am now sailing on an unexpected and uncertain sea, where there is no land in sight to give me bearings and the stars above are unfamiliar. Unfamiliar except one: the One Star I can trust that remains winking brightly, a recognised star in an otherwise unknown galaxy.

As I sail on some days are bright with sunshine, the air alive and sharp. On others I sail in wind, into storms, and all seems out of control. I feel alone. But always my Star is there.

My job is to keep my eye on this star, this set point in my journey. While ever I see the star I know I am not lost; I know I haven’t fallen off the edge of the world. This sea is my new reality. I am no longer tied to the dock.

I believe God has used the circumstances of my life in the last few years to cast me adrift, so that I may experience the freedom of living freely and lightly with Him. Sometimes I am tossed by the waves. But ever my star, Jesus, is my set point.